Module 1 - Forces and Motion

Useful Physics Resources
A quick look at SI units and general techniques needed before starting your A-Level.

Scalars, Vectors & Graphs
A look a scalar quantaties and an indepth look a vectors and how these can be plotted and manipulated on graphs.

Fundamental Equations and Complex Vector Equations
Basic physics equations and complex examples.

Equations of Motion
A look at the 4 equations of motion and projectile questions.

An overview of moments and moment questions.

Pressure, Work, Energy and Power
A detailed look at Pressure, Work, Energy and Power.

Deformation of Solids
An overview of Hooke's law and its applications.

Car Safety
How car safety features draw together the different aspects looked at in this module.


Module 2

Electric Circuits
A quick overview of the main components in electric circuits and how to construct basic circuit diagrams.

Ohm's Law
Revision of Ohm's law from GCSE.

Resistors and Resistance
A look at how to combine resistors and the different effcts they have in parallel and series.

How Emf differs from Voltage.

Potential Dividers
How potential dividers can be used in a ciruit.

Electrical Power
A look at Kilowatt Hours and domestic energy consumption.

Magnetic Fields
How magnetic fields can be generated from a current carrying wire.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum
A look at the electromagnetic spectrum

The Photoelectric Effect
An introduction to quantum mechanics and how it explains the photoelectric effect.

Wave-particle duality of electrons
How electrons, similar to light, can have both wave and particle like properties.


Module 3

Reflection & Refraction
Basic reflection and refraction of light.

Total Internal Reflection
How and when light it totally internally reflected and its uses in optics.

An overview of waves starting from the basics.

Waves Extended
A more indepth look into waves.

Principle of Superposition
What superposition is and its applications.

Standing Waves
How standing waves can be created and their characteristics.